My Moony: The essential accessory for active women

My Moony : L’accessoire incontournable pour les femmes actives

Behind My Moony lies the desire to support women, to help them manage their pelvic pain and to maintain their lifestyle in times of discomfort. In this article, you will discover how My Moony helps active women maintain their lifestyle.

Priority number 1: comfort and discretion

This is THE big monthly problem! During periods and/or endometriosis crises, we only dream of one thing: to feel comfortable ! And that's why the My Moony belt is made with comfortable and discreet materials (such as cotton and polyamide) which are easily worn under clothing! Thanks to its low density , it knows how to make itself perfectly invisible. (That you are Jean or in a dress!) Its satin finish - for its part - gives the sensation of a second skin. That you are at work , in the restaurant or at the gym, My Moony will be your ally well-being . 

Comfort, serving the preservation of mobility!

Unlike some other treatments for pelvic pain that can restrict mobility (like the hot water bottle, for example), My Moony is designed to allow a full range of movement. This means that users can continue to move, exercise and go about their daily lives, without feeling like their freedom of movement is restricted.

Moreover, this little marvel of technology only weighs 250 grams ! (It’s the weight of a baguette!)

Priority number 2: ease of use

My Moony is easy to start and adapts to both your body and your life. Thanks to its wireless technology and its mobile application, it allows users personalized control (on vibration mode and heat intensity) with your fingertips. Thus, the #girlboss you are, can quickly put it on and take it off according to YOUR needs, making it practical for regular use .

Priority number 3: non-invasiveness

By offering natural, non-invasive relief pelvic pain, My Moony can help reduce the use of non-steroidal analgesic medications* (such as ibuprofen, ketoprofen, antadys, etc.), which is important for women who prefer reduce their medication consumption .

* The use of these medications can - in certain cases - cause gastrointestinal effects: nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, flatulence, etc.

In conclusion, it is important to remember that My Moony is NOT a substitute for professional medical advice and is NOT recognized as a medical device . Women experiencing pelvic pain should consult a healthcare professional to obtain an accurate diagnosis, as well as personalized recommendations on the use of My Moony as a complement to their possible treatment.

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