User Manual

Installation in 3 steps.


Step 1

I connect the cable to the battery, which I place in its dedicated pocket.


2nd step

I place the belt on my hips and press the button on the case located at the front of the belt just under the embroidered logo for 4 seconds.


Step 3

I open my My Moony app and connect my belt to Bluetooth and enjoy the heat and massage in complete freedom.


Step 1

I connect the cable to the battery, which I place in its dedicated pocket.


2nd step

I place the belt on my hips and press the button on the case located at the front of the belt just under the embroidered logo for 4 seconds.


Step 3

I open my My Moony app and connect my belt to Bluetooth and enjoy the heat and massage in complete freedom.

Manuel d'utulisation ceinture My Moony
Further information


  • Download the My Moony app from App Store. For Android, please download here to access the application.
  • Before first use, charge the battery to the maximum
  • Put on the electronic part by inserting the cable of the electronic part into the textile first if this was not done when receiving the belt.
  • Insert the USB cable attached to the electronic part into the battery, check that the battery LEDs are lit, store the battery in the dedicated pocket.
  • Open the My Moony application, and connect to Bluetooth
  • You can feel the presence of a box on the front of the belt, hold the box button for 4 seconds,
  • A small pulse in the form of vibration coming from the panel indicates that the power is on. This indicates that the belt is searching for a Bluetooth connection to the My Moony app.
  • iPhone: the application will display connected
  • Android: tap the 3 small dots at the top right of the app to connect.
  • Activate one of the massages to check if the connection is established
  • The massage is active when the button is dark green. Heating is active when the button is dark green.
  • The intensity of heating and massage are controlled via the 2 sliders under the buttons.
  • To wear the belt, wrap it around your waist, positioning the large front panel in the center so that it covers the pain location.
  • Press the belt against the skin so that it fits your body.
  • Enjoy comfort thanks to the combination of heating and massage.
  • You work with a simple Bluetooth connection. If the belt does not turn on, check to see if the battery is still on.
  • The battery will turn off after 30 seconds if it does not receive any electrical current
  • Close the application and restart it if there is a problem connecting to the belt.
  • Always check if the battery is running.


The use of the belt is not a substitute for medical consultation and treatment. This is why in case of any type of pain or illness, please always consult your doctor first!

To avoid compromising your health, do NOT use the My Moony belt:

  • On the skull, in the area of ​​the mouth, throat, chest or larynx.
  • At the level of the neck/carotid artery.
  • In the genital area.
  • Over the eyes.
  • On the other side of the head.
  • On chronically or acutely diseased (injured or inflamed) skin (e.g. painful and painless inflammations, redness, rashes (e.g. allergies), burns, bruises, swelling or open wounds or healing, operation scars involved in healing).
  • On skin lacking normal sensation.
  • In high humidity environments, e.g. in the bathroom or while taking a bath or shower.
  • On open sores or rashes, or on swollen, red, infected or inflamed areas or rashes
    cutaneous (e.g. phlebitis, thrombophlebitis and varicose veins).


  • The main risk is the appearance of heater dermatitis or erythema abigne.
    It depends on the sensitivity of each person.
  • Symptoms: At the beginning, there is only a discreet erythema arranged in meshes which is reversible in 24 to 48 hours.
    After a more or less long period of time, during repeated episodes, a brown network pigmentation will develop which could be confused with a reticulated livedo. This becomes less and less reversible.

Conditions of occurrence:

The risk starts from 30min at more than 40 degrees and increases with the heat level and duration if the heat is >40 degrees.
If there is a simple local redness this is not yet dermatitis but simply linked to the use of heat.
If the appearance is closer to a network of “dark lines” this is an episode of dermatitis.


When using for the first time, especially check the appearance of the skin after 30 minutes and then regularly.
If you have sensitive skin or have already had episodes of dermatitis: Beyond 30 minutes, limit the heat level to 70% on the intensity slider.
If dermatitis develops, remove the belt and consult your doctor for advice.


  • My Moony should not be used when fertility problems are being treated.
  • My Moony should not be used during childbirth.
  • To avoid cross contamination, the belt is intended for single person use.
  • The heat seems too intense, reduce or stop the heating function.
  • Do not use the My Moony belt on wet skin.
  • Keep the device out of the reach of children to avoid any possible danger.
  • The My Moony belt can be used by children from 12 years old as well as the physically, sensory or mentally impaired and people with little knowledge or experience provided that they are supervised or know how to use it safely. safely and understand the risks.
  • Children should not play with the belt.
  • Cleaning and maintenance should not be carried out by children without supervision.
  • If the My Moony belt does not work properly or if discomfort or pain appears, stop
    use immediately.
  • Turn off the My Moony belt before removing it.
  • Protect the belt against impacts.
  • Protect the belt from dust, dirt and moisture. Never immerse the device in water or other liquids.
  • Do not use the device near or on top of other heating appliances (e.g. dryers or ovens) or near (~1 m)
    shortwave or microwave devices
  • If the device is damaged, do not use it and contact your dealer or the indicated customer service if in doubt.
  • Turn off the device immediately if it is defective or malfunctioning.
  • Under no circumstances attempt to open the device, the case and/or repair it yourself.
  • Only customer service or an authorized operator can carry out repairs.

Failure to follow the instructions will void the warranty.

Not :

  • Ignore any allergic reactions.
  • Immerse your device in water or place it near excessive heat (It may stop working properly).
  • Try to open the device: it does not have any repairable components.


Check whether the outer carton packaging is intact and whether all items are included.

Before use, ensure that the items have no visible damage.

If in doubt, do not use it and contact customer service.

  • My Moony belt with electronic panel.
  • Battery
  • USB cable

6. Additional Benefits

  • Relieves menstrual pain and discomfort
  • Improves quality of life
  • Increases the feeling of comfort and well-being.
  • My Moony is a discreet, practical and
    easy to wear comfortably under your clothes.
  • Thanks to My Moony, it is possible to practice
    your daily activities.
  • Simply place the belt on the area
    pelvic, digestive or lumbar, to associate it with the My Moony application
    and thus enjoy your day while practicing your activities
  • My Moony is a connected technical solution,
    non-medicated without any contraindication and non-invasive.
  • My Moony can be used for pain
    linked to periods, endometriosis and during the period of ovulation.
  • Use the My Moony belt exclusively :
  • On a human being.
  • For personal use.
  • For the purposes for which it was designed and the
    manner indicated in this manual.

    Any improper use may be dangerous.
  • For external use only.
  • Designed for private and domestic use.
  • The manufacturer cannot be held responsible for
    damage caused by inappropriate or non-compliant use.


You have the option of using another battery in your possession provided that it has the same characteristics as the battery received from My Moony.


The My Moony belt is activated using the My Moony application. This connects to the belt via a Bluetooth system (BLE). It allows you to control the heating and the different massage modes as well as the heating and massage intensity:
4 vibration modes:

  • All actuators are on – All actuators are active at the set intensity.
  • Circular pattern – each actuator in each group of 3 activates in sequence forming a circular pattern within the group
  • Pulsed model – all actuators increase then decrease in intensity together, to give a pulsating effect
  • Sequential pulsing pattern – intensity increases and decreases in sequence forming a circular pulsing pattern throughout the
  • My Moony does not like to be intrusive in people's personal lives: your mobile data is strictly confidential,
    secure and not shared with third parties.

9. Washing​

My Moony is made up of two parts:

  • Internal: It contains all the electronic part
  • External: Washable

Remove the internal part in order to wash only the external textile.

  • Wash at 30 degrees

10. Warranty

The My Moony belt is guaranteed for a period of two years from the date of purchase while the battery has a 1 month warranty.

This warranty only applies if the belt has been used for its intended purpose and has not been damaged by misuse, accident or neglect and has not been modified or repaired by the consumer.

If the defect appears, contact customer service, attaching photos of the defect.

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