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Legal information about the company MOONLY, owner of the My Moony brand. SAS with capital of 30,000 euros / RCS Metz Whose head office is based: 19 RUE DES HUILIERS 57000 METZ – FRANCE My Moony relief painful rule SIRET: 88411216000012 Intracommunity VAT: FR17884112160 2 women in the office working together in front of a computer and wearing the My Moony belt to relieve their period pain (dysmenorrhea, endometriosis) and irritable colon (gastric) Director of website publication: Asma HASSOUNE, Manager Asma Hassoune, the founder of the company suffers from an autoimmune disease. She imagined the My Moony connected belt to relieve her painful periods which prevented her from living normally several days a month! To find out more To contact the My Moony team: Photo credits ©: Moonly, Unsplash, MissCycy Photographer (Strasbourg) We respect the work of our partners and even when the rights to the photos have been transferred to us, we we take pleasure in citing them... that's how the #DreamTeam #MyMoony is. The website is the property of the company MOONLY. #MadeInFrance … we push this logic to the end, it's not just the domain name that is FR: The site is hosted IN FRANCE by O2switch. We favor complete transparency in all areas: Information o2switch Address of the host: Chemin des Pardiaux, 63000 Clermont-Ferrand I Telephone of the host: 04 44 44 60 40 SAS with capital of €100,000 I Siret: 510 909 807 00032 I RCS Clermont Ferrand Telecom Operator declared ARCEP 09/2989 – AS50474